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Tumwater Canyon Dam in Leavenworth

“I had another Property Management Company but I never heard from them. I did not know if they were showing the property or not. It was like if someone wanted to rent it they would take their cut otherwise no big deal.

I decided to try Platinum because of their name recognition. I met Sandy who talked to me and told me what needed to be done in order to get my property more attractable. After getting the property ready to rent, Sandy put a sign out front and marketed the property for me.

I feel they have my best interest at heart and I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Walter, Wenatchee, WA

“Outstanding, comprehensive service!!! You are the best!”

Nina, Sacramento, CA

“I chose Platinum Property Management because of Sandy. She was recommended to me by my broker when we purchased a home in Wenatchee and needed someone to manage it for us. None of the other companies followed through on my request for management.

The key benefit is prompt follow up and a very well organized group of vendors who can maintain the home in the owners absence. The file sharing for the monthly reports is just great too.

This is my first experience working with a property management firm in Wenatchee, but personalized and timely responses to the needs of the owners along with a great working knowledge of the real estate management business is of paramount importance to owners.

Go for knowledge in the business and a firm that can tailor the management contract to your needs.”

Peggy, Snoqualmie, WA

“Incredible service! Always responded quickly. Felt very comfortable with the renter they found. Reasonable prices.”

Quentin, East Wenatchee, WA

“We have worked with Platinum Property Management for about one year now. They manage our rental property. We are very happy with them. They are attentive to our needs as owners, are responsive, always pay all the bills on time, and our property is very well taken care of.

They protect our renters’ privacy, which is important as a renter (I rented for years so I know how important this is)! They have a great portal for both the renter and owner. Also, I feel that the rent they recommended we collect is competitive and very fair for the area. I cannot see this company unfairly or arbitrarily raising rent as one reviewer wrote. I encourage any renter or property manager to connect with them and create their own experience which I know will be positive and productive for both the owner and renters.”

Celinda, Mill Creek, WA

Platinum Properties works hard at what they do. I understand some folks have negatives about them, but when there is a housing Crisis in Chelan County that is not in their control. The staff are personable and friendly, responsive and quick to fix issues. I’d say overall they are the BEST rental company to work with. I highly recommend giving Platinum Properties a chance, they work hard to help get you in place to call home.”

Opal, Wenatchee, WA

“I chose Platinum Property Management because of their experience. Sandy has been in the property management business for 16 plus years. For several years I managed my properties myself, so what Platinum Property Management brought to the table for me was: 1. Freedom – because of Murphy’s Law any emergency that could happen would come at the most difficult time for me to respond, not my worry anymore; 2. Experience, they know how best to respond to any problem and they have tried and subs; and, 3. Professionalism, they treat both myself and my tenants with dignity! If a potential client was on the fence I would tell them to jump off that fence, call Sandy at (509)888-8008 and go with Platinum Property Management! The sooner the better, and enjoy your worry free freedom!”

Renee, East Wenatchee, WA